The more the merrier! Be prepared for the next important get-together, or commemorate a special year with a beautiful magnum-sized bottle. We've recently unearthed these lovely treasures in our library to share with you, and for you to share!

Maybe it's time to open a special bottle with some special friends or family. What better time than the present?

Details: A magnum, at 1.5 liters, is equivalent to just two regular-sized (750 ml) bottles. The secret benefit of magnums is that they age beautifully. The same tiny amount of oxygen enters the bottle over time as in a smaller bottle, but it has to work on twice as much wine. This means that under proper cellar conditions, a magnum can easily last a decade or more. All of these tasty time capsules have been kept in perfectly temperature-controlled conditions and are ready for drinking now—and in the future.

*Due to packaging limitations, your magnums may ship separately from orders of 750 ml bottles. Rest assured that we'll set up your shipment in the most efficient, safest and least costly configuration.*

Holidays 2022
We are excited to make signed magnums available for the 2022 holiday season. Unless you request otherwise, all magnums will be signed by owner/winemaker George Hendry. If you would like the magnum to be tissue wrapped and shipped in a Hendry logo black linen gift box, please add the "gift box" product to your cart in addition to whatever magnum you would like to purchase. Cheers!

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