The more the merrier! Be prepared for the next important get-together, or commemorate a special year with a beautiful magnum-sized bottle. We've recently unearthed these lovely treasures in our library to share with you, and for you to share!

A magnum, as you may know, is equivalent to two regular-sized (750 ml) bottles. The added benefit of magnums is that they age beautifully: the same tiny amount of oxygen enters through the cork over time as it does in a smaller bottle, but it has to work on twice as much wine. This means that under proper cellar conditions, a magnum can easily last a decade or more. All of these have been kept in perfectly temperature-controlled conditions and are ready for drinking now, and in the future.

Maybe it's time to open a special bottle with some special friends or family. What better time than the present?

*Magnums will ship separately from 750 ml bottles. We'll set up your shipment in the most efficient and least costly configuration.

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