George Hendry, Owner and Winemaker George O. Hendry

With his parents and brother, George moved to Napa in 1939 at the age of two. He grew up on the ranch and learned to tend the goats, the cows, the prune orchard and the grapevines. He completed his undergraduate degree at U.C. Berkeley in 1959 and after two years in the navy, completed a masters degree in 1963. Following graduation, George began working for a company called the Cyclotron Corporation. (Cyclotrons are a type of particle accelerator primarily used for the production of radio isotopes used in medical imaging.)

Over the next 40 years, at various companies including his own, George distinguished himself as a cyclotron designer. Many of his designs and innovations are in use in cyclotrons and hospitals around the world. George’s latest innovative cyclotron design was completed in 2008, and he continues to consult for the company he founded. When he wasn't designing cyclotrons, George was usually working on the ranch.

Whether growing grapes, making Hendry wines, or designing cyclotrons, George applies the same tenacity and ability to apply fundamental concepts. His detailed approach to winegrowing has earned a reputation, and is reflected in our vineyard and our wine.

Mike and Molly Hendry of the Hendry RanchMike and Molly Hendry

Mike Hendry is George’s nephew, and has been an important part of operations at the Hendry Ranch for 25 years. Mike manages the vineyard and pitches in with sales and outreach for Hendry. Mike and Molly also make a Zinfandel from the historic Moore Vineyard, which is owned by Molly’s uncle, Bill Moore.




Our Vineyard Crew

Hendry's vineyard and winery crew

The attention that each grapevine receives during the year is tremendously important to the finished product. Our vineyard crew has been with us for an average of more than 20 years, and the pride they take in their work shows in every bottle. Pictured here: (Top, l-r) Jose Fernandez, Edouardo Diaz de Leon, Gonzalo Herrera, Juan Prado, (Second row, l-r) Rafael Melgoza, Cellar Master, Manuel Plancarte, Head of Vineyard Crew, Pedro Gutierrez, Santiago Torres and Vicente Diaz de Leon.

Jeff and Jan MillerJan and Jeff Miller, Hendry's Right and Left Hand

Jeff Miller has been with the winery since its beginning, and was also a partner in George’s Cyclotron Inc.. Jeff manages the winery and coordinates the operations that get the wine from tank to bottle. Jan Miller applies her experience as a former business owner to managing winery accounting, and is also responsible for all in-house lab work. A woman of many talents, she is a former trainer, dancer and runner, as well as a certified yoga instructor and reigning queen of fermentations.



Raffa Melgoza, Hendry's Lead Cellar MasterRafa Melgoza

Cellar Master Rafael Melgoza is responsible for carrying out all of the daily cellar operations. Together with Jeff, he assists George and Jan in overseeing fermentation and development of the wines, and managing the care of the barrels and the cellar throughout the year.



Angela Douglass, Sales ManagerAngela Douglass

Hendry’s “go-to” person for everything under the sun for more than a decade, the amazing Angela Douglass manages national distributor sales, our office here at the winery, and our two wine clubs. She is the person who graciously answers everyone’s questions with boundless energy, efficiency and competence, and is always ready for the next challenge.



Tamara Landre, Wine Educator Tamara Landre

Tamara first visited Hendry as a wine buyer for a St. Helena restaurant. It was then that she was struck by the level of integrity and quality she found at Hendry. Now, in addition to working with Mike Hendry’s beautiful photos for our mailers and marketing materials, and helping to produce our labels, Tamara Landre lends a helping hand to Angela in the office and George in the tasting room. Her extensive wine knowledge, passion for education and experience in graphic design and writing mean that she wears many hats here at the winery.

Therese Brown, Wine Educator and Sales RepTherese Brown

Therese hails from the Midwest and followed her love of wine to the Napa Valley.  As a former tour guide, she has visited many of the wineries throughout the Napa Valley and we’re delighted that she found a home here at Hendry.  Her vibrant personality, wine knowledge and willingness to share it have made her a great fit to be our National Sales rep.  When she is not traveling around the country spreading the Hendry love, she is here at the winery helping with  our tours and tastings.

Megan Carter, a smiling woman with long, blond hair, in front of the Hendry vineyardMEGAN CARTER 

Megan’s love of wine brought her back to her native California after many years studying and working for a non-profit in Boston. Her roles at Hendry are varied, though most days you can find her giving tours and tastings. Megan completed the WSET Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits with distinction. She has also gained hands-on experience in the field, pitching in during harvest in the vineyard and winery. In each of these pursuits, Megan has brought enthusiasm, curiosity and diligence, all of which are reflected in her fun, fascinating and informative vineyard tours.  


LINDA CHAMPAGNELinda Champagne standing in the vineyard

We welcomed Linda Champagne to our team in 2021. Linda is a true Napa local, and has a wealth of historical knowledge about the valley, its wine and its wineries to share with our guests.

Linda also shares her extensive knowledge and wine experience away from Hendry as a freelance wine tour and hiking guide. She is “continuously renovating” the 99-year-old house in downtown Napa that she shares with her husband Steve, their cat Squeaky, and at least 20 squirrels.

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