The Science of Sensory Analysis: A Virtual Tasting

November 20, 2020

5:00 pm PT | Wines to be announced

We’ve all seen them – the fantastical descriptors on the back of wine bottles that evoke lush tropical rainforests, dusty old libraries, and sun-kissed French fields. But how on earth do people actually come up with those descriptors? Is there any method to the madness? And is there any way to find consensus? We’ll talk about some of the meaningful methodologies used by scientists in sensory analysis, and conduct a few little experiments of our own. 

Registration link to come

Did you miss one of our earlier tastings? Not to worry, they are recorded and catalogued here!

Wine purchase is not required to participate in the tasting.  If you would like to buy wine and taste along, please allow 10 days for wines to ship to the Midwest and East Coast, and 5 days to ship to West Coast locations.  

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