2013 HRW Zinfandel

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Grapes for the HRW series wines come from our Napa vineyard, as they do for all of our wines.  The grapes we use for HRW are individual blocks from our vineyard or barrel lots that are very nice for every day drinking, but do not have the complexity we require for our Hendry label (and are too good to sell off to someone else!). In some vintages we make one variety, in others, several, and sometimes we make none at all.  The production is generally small.  This wine is a blend of the blocks and barrels that were not included in the Blocks 7 & 22 Zinfandel or Block 28 Zinfandel. (These wines were our “house” wines before the launch of the HRW, and we always referred to them as the “ranch” wines when we’d pick up an unlabeled bottle for a barbecue or party, so we call them HRW, which stands for Hendry Ranch Winery.)

In 2013, Zinfandel budbreak was approximately April 9, bloom was May 29-30, and harvest was September 24.  The alcoholic fermentation was completed in approximately ten days in closed stainless steel fermentation tanks.  When the wine was fermented completely dry, it was pressed to barrel for malolactic fermentation.  Aging was twelve months in French oak barrels of which approximately 10% were new, with the remaining barrels 1, 2 and 3-year-old barrels from our Hendry label zinfandel program.

Warm, dusty pepper and berry aromas.  Structured, with plenty of tannins for medium to heavy foods.  Medium-bodied, with bittersweet cacao, spice and blueberry on the palate.  Plenty of structure. Sealed with a screw-cap closure, but benefits from airing or decanting, opening up the last bits of fruit and taking the edge off the tannins.  A meaty Bolognese sauce or some dry-rubbed beef ribs would be terrific accompaniments.  Good everyday value for those who prefer dry zinfandels. 



Wine Specs

Alcohol: 13.9%
TA: 5.21
VA: .84
Cases Produced: 1,080