2017 ZinEx - Zinfandel Experience

February 23, 2017 - February 25, 2017

The World's Largest Single Varietal Wine Tasting Event 

ZAP Reservations and Information here:  http://www.zinfandelexperience.com/

Historians have traced Zinfandel back to the 1820s, when a Long Island nursery owner imported curious cuttings from the Imperial collection of plant species in Vienna, Austria. By 1832, “Zinfendal” vines were for sale and soon became a popular Northeastern table grape.

The California Gold Rush

Zinfandel surged in popularity during the Gold Rush in California, when miners wanted a substantial beverage and growers hoped for a grape that would provide a healthy and voluminous crop. After the 1849 Gold Rush, timber and wire were scarce. Zinfandel grapes could be planted in a way that made harvesting possible without special equipment. Called “head pruning,” it’s a technique still used today.

When you see a vineyard with vines standing about three feet tall without wires, you can assume that you’re looking at Zinfandel. Many of these Gold Rush era vineyards are still producing, even though their “old vines” may have passed the century mark.

Zin’s Pioneering Spirit
Freed from the standards developed in Europe over several centuries, winemakers began producing Zinfandel that expressed their pioneering spirit and love for the golden west.

Today, Zinfandel has been transformed from a little-known grape to one that’s tremendously popular and grown on over 50,000 acres in California. Zinfandel is truly an all-American success story.

Meet the Makers
Inspired by 25 years of celebrating Zinfandel’s quality, versatility and heritage, the one and only Zinfandel Experience is taking place in San Francisco February 23-25, 2017

Produced by ZAP, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Zinfandel Experience is the largest single varietal tasting and showcases the world’s top Zinfandel winemakers. More at ZinfandelExperience.com

Hendry will be there. Will you?

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