2010 Rosé

The 2010 Rosé is the result of a saignée of both Zinfandel and CabernetSauvignon, along with just a little bit of Cabernet Franc and Primitivo. Saignée is the process of “bleeding,” or allowing the sweet, free-run juice to run out ofthe tank and into a smaller tank for fermentation. This lowers the alcohol in thered wine, concentrates its colors, flavors and tannins, and in the process,produces a light, dry rosé that is perfect for drinking in the summertime whilewe’re waiting for the reds to barrel age.

The wine had a long, cool fermentation in small bins to preserve bright fruitflavors, followed by five months in stainless steel before bottling. PrimarilyZinfandel in 2010 (the blend changes according to the saignées each year) with 5% Primitivo. It is important to note that this wine, though fruity (and yes, pink)is fermented to dryness, as are all of our wines, with no residual sugar.

Well-chilled, its clean, bright, citrusy fruit and palate-cleansing acidity are just right with picnic foods on a warm afternoon, or to accompany a simple barbecue-roasted chicken on a summer evening. Great with fish tacos, too! As George puts it, this is a “screen-porch” wine, made for warm-weather drinking, well-chilled, with simple foods.

Alcohol is 13.7%
525 cases produced

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