2009 Cabernet Franc

The Hendry vineyard lies on gentle, rocky slopes between 150 and 300 feet in elevation.  The style and structure of our wines is moderated by cool breezes and fog from San Pablo Bay.   Block 26 and 9D are our Cabernet Franc blocks.  They are CTPS clone 332 and FPMS clone 4, grafted to St. George Roots.  Block 26 is our oldest Cabernet Franc, planted in 1998.  Block 9D was planted in 2003.  This bottling was aged for 15 months in French oak barrels, approximately 40% of which were new.

The Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot blocks in our vineyard were all planted with the intention of having wines to blend with our Cabernet Sauvignon.  After a few vintages, George was so happy with the depth and complexity of our Block 8 Cabernet Sauvignon on its own that he started using the “blending” grapes to make their own unique wine.  After barrel aging and before blending, he determines a unique formula based on the characteristics and quantities of the vintage to make a wine with good palate density, balanced fruit and tannins, and longevity, and also a wine that tastes very different from our Cabernet.    

In vintages when we decide that the RED blend requires less of some of the varietals than we have produced, we bottle very small quantities of the individual Bordeaux wines and release them on a limited basis.

Spicy, smoky and floral on a base of deep blackcurrant.  Initially, tannins are more pronounced, but they soften with time and air.  This would be lovely with steak au poivre or a filet mignon. 

Alcohol 14.9%.
Only 180 cases produced

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